Let me tell You more about myself.

I've been working on my front-end knowledge for almost a year now, and it's going really great! Javascript has been the most fun part in my journey no doubt. I really like solving problems in Javascript.

  • Cool Animations
  • Latest Technology
  • Responsive Websites
  • Creative Design

FrontEnd Frameworks

I'm really good at Bootstrap 5. I work with GSAP, Babra.js and many more JS frameworks. Now I'm learning React JS.

Responsive Design

My websites are fully responsive, for all devices. Sometimes it's a challenge to make it look good on all devices, but I'm always up for the challenge.

Javascript Usage

As I mentioned, working with Javascript has been the most fun part. I really enjoy making animations and some complex functions for websites.

I Code.

At first, coding was not so amazing to me, but when I found out all the things I can do by writing code, it became addicting. It's really something I look forward to do as I grow older.

I Create.

Creating content and designig websites is a really fun part of the process. I look for designs everywhere (Pintrest, Instagram...) and I ask for other people's opinions for my design, and it really helps me get my ideas in one place.

I'm a Leader.

I like to point out myself as a leader, someone who always looks for problem solutions of all kind. I often present my ideas to a team that I'm working with, and see whether they're worth realising or not.

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